With Vezde Remote Project Monitoring Everything Falls Into Place

Vezde Remote Monitoring is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) application created to provide project managers, owners, clients and other project stakeholders, real-time, verifiable progress updates from project field locations. Vezde Remote Monitoring collects verifiable images and data from superintendents and field users through mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and Android phones. These images and project data are compiled to create project reports which can be easily shared with stakeholders via secure email and the Vezde website. Vezde gives project managers and owners greater visibility into the progress of their projects, even when projects are located thousand of miles away.

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Vezde. Verified Project Images & Data. In Real Time. Worldwide.

Simple, Easy Mobile Application

The Vezde platform is comprised on a simple, easy-to-use mobile application combined with a secure, sophisticated back end web-based administration portal and projects dashboard.

  • Real time visibility on projects in remote and challenging environments.
  • Improved decision making ability, claims tracking, release of payments, and contract adherence.
  • Reduced time and effort traveling to remote sites for quick in-person verifications.
  • Reduced costs of monitoring; and
  • Improved chances for project success

Vericapts™: Verified Image & Data Captures

Field users use the mobile app with their iPhone or Android device to capture time and spatially verifiable images in the field. Each capture requires no more than 10 seconds of time and 5 total ‘clicks’. This Vericapt™ data includes four key data components:

  • Who? – Who captured the data.
  • What? – What is represented in the image.
  • When? – A time stamp shows when the data/image was collected and uploaded.
  • Where? – A Geotag verifies where the data/image was collected and uploaded.

Verifeed: Real Time Project Reporting

Project Managers use the web application to view projects under their supervision through the Projects Dashboard. By Selecting an individual project, a manager sees all Vericapt™ data submitted by all field users for the project. This verifiable feed of data, or Verifeed, can be filtered for reports:

  • Time Frame (week, day, or month)
  • Capture Type
  • Field User Name
  • Select/Hide to present only the desired Vericapt™ data

vezdefaviconExperience the power of verified project images and data in real time, from anywhere in the world. Pick a project and we’ll show you what Vezde can do for you.

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