With the advances in the smartphone space over the past decade there is no secret that mobile devices are taking over. You can pretty much do everything and anything you want from your mobile phone and it doesn’t show any signs of stoping. Pair this technology with the increasing trend of mobile and remote workers, and we’re beginning to see a completely new world in the workplace. Some thing we are taking very seriously at Vezde, and one of the main reasons we developed our mobile technology. To help project managers, owners, and other stakeholders remotely manage their construction projects from anywhere in the world. And it seems as if we are not the only ones taking mobile adoption seriously.

The U.S. Government has an increasing mobile workforce, requiring them to provide their agency employees with mobile devices, services and apps to meet the demand. In fact 15% of Government agencies IT budgets are allocated to mobile devices and applications and 20% is allocated to network security. Those are just a couple of the interesting stats from the infographic below from Frost and Sullivan showing how Governments are embracing the mobile workplace.

Vezde Remote Monitoring




Infographic: Governments Embrace the Mobile Workplace