For many of us living in today’s world, slavery is a term of the past. Something that many of us cannot even really fathom. However, that is not the case for more than 45 million people who are estimated to be entrapped in modern day slavery, many of which are exploited for forced labor.

All of this comes from a recent report done by LexisNexis, entitled Hidden in Plan Sight: Modern Slavery in the Construction Industry. Which goes on to uncover and explain the cause and current state of modern slavery in forced labor. Being in the construction field we want to help shed light on these injustices, given that it is a largely hidden crime. And this really lies in the core of what we are looking to accomplish with Vezde, from cutting down on fraud, to increasing transparency to help project managers, owners, stakeholders and more accomplish better work.

Key takeaways from the report:

  • Around 3 out of every 1,000 persons worldwide are suffering in forced labor.
  • 20.9 million people in forced labor.
  • More females are forced into labor than men.
  • $150 billion profit generated annually by forced economic exploitation, $34 billion is made in the construction, manufacturing, mining and utilities industries.

Read full report here.

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